Working WITH you to create change that works FOR you.

Welcome to New Hope Health and Wellness; my name is John Beacher. As an NBHWC board-certified wellness coach, my role is to be an advocate and collaborator throughout a client-led process of personal discovery and self-compassion. Together, we will partner to clarify what you truly want and why and help you uncover meaningful strategies for pursuing your unique vision of fulfillment.

Optimizing your personal growth and building lasting change requires authentic and steadfast motivation. The most prolific source of that type of motivation comes from an integrated understanding of who you are and what best serves you, something only you can define. My goal as a coach is to offer a completely accepting environment for you to explore these concepts and to aid your process through questions, encouragement, and reflections. Areas of focus include:

  • Sustainable Health, 
  • Mindfulness, 
  • Confidence Building, 
  • Personal Fulfillment, 
  • Self-Awareness, 
  • Goal Setting



A holistic approach….

Often, when we hear the word wellness, what comes to mind is diet, exercise, and sleep habits. These factors undoubtedly play a significant role in our overall health and wellness experience;  however, from a holistic perspective, a broader spectrum of components merits consideration. The graphic to the left represents a wellness wheel, a visual aid used to inspire contemplation of the various interconnected aspects of our lives. The idea is that our wellness potential correlates to how well these factors are in balance.  By examining our experience through the lens of the wellness wheel, we can gain perspective on what areas may need attention and how bringing them into balance can affect the bigger picture. Since life is ever-changing, the wellness wheel can be a helpful assessment tool as we grow and evolve.